15 July 2005


Jennifer Steinkamp, "Rapunzel,"
June 3-July 2, 2005,
at Acme, 6150 Wilshire Boulevard,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90048

Jennifer Steinkamp’s newest body of work, titled "Rapunzel," provides a tremendously seductive visual experience, while also suggesting an intricate and socially resonant narrative. The installation recently closed at Acme gallery in Los Angeles, after debuting earlier this year at Lehmann Maupin in New York.

A series of six computer-animated video projections, "Rapunzel" fills the darkened gallery space with shimmering digital images of wildflowers. They move in a hypnotic, looped dance, with some projected horizontally, others close-up and still others vertically and upside-down. Some move slowly, while others seem nearly hysterical. Most of the images are large and swell to fill the walls of the gallery.

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