19 July 2005

histories of internet art

The "Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions" web site is an online-only exhibition of the early (and continuous) history of Internet art.

Produced by students in the Digital Art area located in the University of Colorado's Art and Art History Department, and in conjunction with the Alt-X Online Network, ATLAS and blurr, this ongoing exhibition showcases a student-designed web interface that takes readers to online art work created by both internationally celebrated and emerging Internet artists.

The site also provides much-needed original content to help contextualize the sudden rise of Internet art into the mainstream art world. Original content on the site includes video and email interviews with many important figures in the net art culture, explanations of current trends in the field, and video documentation of visiting artists joining us here at TECHNE.

The site also features an area devoted to critical theory and the history of digital art as well as significant student work composed during their course of study in the new Digital Art curriculum being developed at CU-Boulder.

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