24 July 2005

more podcasting

Tired of those American voices that seem to dominate podcasting? Tired too, of those stridently Strine tones over at G'day World? [Some people love Cameron Reilly and Mick Stanic's stuff, so good on yer, mate. Bewdy!]But, you might be interested in the fact that Pommy Podcasting seems to be booming


Andy Grace suggests that having mentioned British podcasting, we should put up some links to Australian podcasts (aside from G'Day Australia, which we've already mentioned). Great idea.

Let's see now ... there's Andy Grace. Richard Giles, who knows a thing or two about Podcasting, does The Gadget Show.

Les Posen and Anthony Caruana do some thoughtful shows on technology, most of it Mac orientated. And The Bubble and Squeak Show.

Local music fans will probably be missing Caz Gannell's ShitFM. We haven't found any updates since April.

from the SMH

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