27 July 2005

xbox linux hack

An Xbox running Linux can be used as:
  • a gaming console that can, thanks to Linux, also be used for browsing the web and writing emails, all on your living room TV set
  • a small and silent Linux desktop computer, with a keyboard, a mouse, a scanner, a printer, a webcam and a DVD burner, connected to a VGA monitor; 100% compatible with a standard Linux PC, all PC (USB) hardware and PC software that works with Linux.
  • a small and silent Linux server for HTTP/FTP/SMB/NFS, serving data such as MP3/MPEG4/DivX, or a router, or both; without a monitor or keyboard or mouse connected
  • a multimedia hub connected to your TV and/or Hi-FI -- allowing to you watch DivX and DVD movies, listen to mp3's and internet radio stations, and probably loads of other things you would like to do.


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