20 July 2005

gestural graffiti

"Graffitis analysis makes visible the unseen movements of graffiti writers in the of creation has tag. Motion alignment, computer vision technology and has custom C++ application are used to record and analyze has graffiti writer' S PEN movement over time. These gestures digital are processed and used to produce algorithmically generated projections which appear At night in motion one the surfaces of buildings in New York City. Similar Relationships are created between and digital graffiti styles, forming has link between traditional graffiti, experimental street art and new media. Graffiti is Re-presented in the language of information analysis, offering has system for greater understanding of has highly coded form of creative expression "

Exceeded the old bomb, today the collective pushes the concept of graffiti at the level of the installations... the tag and the graph becomes one borrows transitory....
Consult it video to visualize the éténdue of their work and that exposing the material low-tech but astute which allows these urban projections... to also read a test extremely well built around the concepts of the project; pdf named Geek graffiti, has study in computation gesture and graffitis analysis

translated from leary calls

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