24 July 2005

carl andre

I was Assistant Director at the Hudson River Museum in 1964 when E C
Goossen suggested we put on the first Minimal Art exhibition, entitled
“Eight Young Artists.”

Gene organized and selected the artists, researched and wrote the
introduction, and mounted the show; I raised the funds, transported the
works, published the catalog, arranged the reception and photographed
same. The color pictures I took were under adverse conditions (available light
with no flash) and not printable at that time. Since 1964, technology has
advanced whereby I was able, with a great deal of time, trouble and expense,
to have them professionally re-photographed, duplicated, scanned and
re-scanned and finally digitized the to their present condition.
The b+w pictures came out a little better because it was a faster film
but there is still some grain. I managed to save 72 historic images,
and they can be seen on
Martin Ries as quoted on caah list
Carl Andre constructs 'Cedar Piece"

Carl Andre was one of the founders of the art movement known as Minimal, Systemic, or ABC Art. It is an art that seeks to eliminate everything decorative, extraneous and additive, reducing all components to art's purest elements; it is precise, cerebral and austere rather than accessible. Andre once said that what was beautiful in art was "not that someone is original but that he can find a way of creating in the world the instance of his temperament." His own temperament is close to the tranquil philosophy of Taoism, and many critics refer to his work as "pacific."

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