25 July 2005

but is it art?

Its called "Bucket of Blood" but perhaps it should have been titled "Dead Cat". It was the late movie and it had me hooked from the opening scenes. Its a great critique of the arts industry as seen from 1959, with much of the commentry applicable in today's art market. One thinks of dead cows and corpses.

as described on books online
"Movie Script -- Original Title Death Artist -- The great Roger Corman produced and directed this cheerfully gory skewering of beatniks and the arts community. Dick Miller plays Walter Paisley, a no-talent busboy who idolizes the artsy types who frequent the coffeehouse where he works. When Walter accidentally kills his landlady's cat, he tries to hide the crime by covering the kitty in clay, and is soon hailed as a sculpting genius. Sure enough, the fickle arts community begins clamoring for some larger work. As a horror movie, A Bucket of Blood is merely okay, but it's great as a little black comedy. Corman works in some nice gruesome touches, such as backing up Walter's Big Emotional Moment with a steady drizzle of blood from a victim's arm. Most of the jokes aimed at the artists' pretensions still seem fresh: When offering Walter some breakfast, Maxwell announces that they're having "soy and wheat-germ pancakes, organic guava nectar, calcium lactate and tomato juice and garbanzo omelettes sprinkled with smoked yeast." The free-verse parodies are also very funny. Don't expect Bucket of Blood to keep you up with nightmares, but do sit back and prepare to enjoy a refreshingly sick sense of humor."

"Bring on the multitudes and the
multitude of fishes - feed them
that you will be satisfied,
nourish the artist, stretch their
skin upon an easel, crush their
bones into a paste, so that he may
mold them, let them die, and by
their miserable death become the
clay in his hands, that he might
form an ashtray or an ark - that he
might take you in his magic hands
and wring from your marrow wonder -
all that is comes through the eye
of the artist"
The full script is here, its a fun read link
as reviewed by scifilm reviews

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