21 July 2005

wearable technologies conference - wales

Wearable Futures: Hybrid Culture in the Design
and Development of Soft Technology
14 - 16 September 2005, University of Wales, Newport, WALES, UK

This two day International conference will aim to contextualise the future
potential of Wearable Technologies in a variety of fields ranging from
military application to fine art. Wearable Futures is an interdisciplinary
conference, which aims to bring together practitioners, inventors, and
theorists in the field of soft technology and wearables including those
concerned with fashion, textiles, sportswear, interaction design, media and
live arts, medical textiles, wellness, perception and psychology, IPR,
polymer science, nanotechnology, military, and other relevant research
strands. We will be examining how some broad generic questions will be
explored in relation to wearable technology including but not restricted to:
aesthetics and design, function and durability versus market forces; the
desires, needs and realities of wearable technologies; technology and
culture; simplicity and sustainability; design for wearability; wearables as
theatre and wearables as emotional Œtools¹.

will they publish the papers online?

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