04 July 2005

Dutch Photoday

"Dutch PhotoDay is an initiative of two amateur photographers from The Hague, city of peace, justice and government. We live and work on the North Sea coast, a few metres below sea level. Without protection two thirds of the Netherlands would frequently be flooded.

Dutch icons are water, polders, dikes, Hans Brinker, canals, windmills, Madurodam miniature city, barrel organs, clogs, cows, bikes, Delft blue ceramics, old masters (painters), Sinterklaas (Santa Claus), raw herring, poffertjes (tiny pancakes) cheese (and cheese slicer), drop (liquorice), jenever (gin), the port of Rotterdam, flowers, tolerance, Anne Frank, coffee shops, football, ice-skating, recycling and waste separators, tulips and orange (see our logo).

We'll take pictures to show you some of the above mentioned icons. But there are many more subjects to record. Photos will be uploaded on an almost daily basis …. have a look and enjoy our photoblog. We like to receive your comments.

Dutch PhotoDay is een photoblog van twee Haagse amateurfotografen. Naast diverse onderwerpen leggen we typisch Nederlandse "iconen" vast, zoals polders, dijken, molens, bloemen en dergelijke.

Ons streven is om vrijwel dagelijks een foto te publiceren ...
Geniet van ons photoblog. We krijgen graag reacties.

Cameras: Canon Powershot G2, Canon Powershot G6, Canon Powershot Pro1."

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